Code of Ethics

My duty is to serve the public’s interests to the best of my ability as a public relations professional. I guide my behaviors by following the Public Relations Society of America’s code of ethics. I uphold the six values of the PRSA code while adding other values that aid in my professional career. I will:

  • Act as a responsible and informed advocate for those I represent while first serving the public’s interests.
  • Help facilitate the marketplace of ideas and generate informed public discussion, so that we may continue to improve as a community.
  • Be accurate and truthful to the public while advancing the interests of those I represent.
  • Minimize all harm to the best of my ability when conducting the business of my clients. To do this, I will be proactive in crisis and risk management for my client while taking steps to ensure clear and transparent communication between my client and its public.
  • Be informed and trained in my profession to best serve my clients and the public.
  • Be objective when conducting business with my clients and take responsibility for my actions.
  • Not forget or ignore the needs of my client, but apply them in a way that will promote an educated public.
  • Explain my values to the client and be transparent about the reasons why I cannot serve if a client’s beliefs and practices violate my professional code of ethics.

Your Opinion?

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