Reasons why your girlfriend steals your favorite jacket

She’s at your house, and you are about to go out for a night on the town when you get the look.

No, not “the look,” but the look.

She waited for you to gather all of your things, waited to see which clothes you would pick out and what shoes you would wear; waiting for the opportune moment. You reach for a jacket and see her eyes widen right as your hand touches “the jacket.” Your favorite jacket. You wear it all the time. It’s warm, comfortable, fitting for chilly nights. It has the perfect cut off length and the white stripe down the sleeves.

Problem is… she likes it, too.

And she wants to wear it.

Why? The reasons aren’t that complicated.

1. It’s your favorite jacket.

She likes it because you like it. You wear it all the time. You probably met her while you were wearing it. It smells like you. When she sees the jacket, it’s a reminder of you, and that’s nice to have when you guys are apart.

2. It’s probably a little bit big for her.

She likes the way your jacket swallows her. She likes when the sleeves are too long for her hands to stick out. It’s roomy, comfortable and completes her messy look when she is not in the mood to dress up.

3. It lets other people know that she’s taken.

This probably doesn’t cross your mind, but some girlfriends are proud of their relationship status. She likes when people see her wearing your jacket because she likes being with you and is perfectly content with everyone knowing it. At the same time, it can send a message to other females that you are taken, as well. Territorial instict at its human finest.

4. She’s happier when she wears it.

If you are in a healthy relationship, she probably associates you with positive things in her life. The brain is wired to attach events to emotions, so you are probably associated with increased dopamine levels. People compliment her on her smile and her friends ask her why she seems so bubbly today. You can thank your jacket and science for that one.

So the next time you get annoyed when you are searching your closet for your favorite jacket and instead find her wearing it, think about the positive effects it has on her.



7 thoughts on “Reasons why your girlfriend steals your favorite jacket

  1. Love this. I wrote about stealing after a breakup and how it really does come from the heart sometimes…a part of them in a way.

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