My name is Ariel Shaleigh West, and I am a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a bachelor’s of arts in Strategic Communication with a focus in public relations.

I currently work as a Marketing Assistant for the College of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Central Oklahoma. I handle media and social media communications and campaigns, write press releases/articles/blogs/feature stories, create advertisement copy and respond to both media and community questions. I also serve as the web content manager and work in Cascade to update the website daily.

As the community manager of GetRECt, the competitive division of the Oklahoma League of Legends Facebook community, I handle internal and external communications. I handle community complaints, inform external stakeholders on upcoming events, stimulate community growth and discussion, prepare internal employees for external publicity, and more. I am also in charge of developing the yearly schedule of events and keeping the team organized and prepared.

I am a volunteer writer for OKgamers.com, an organization delivers gaming content and news to the gaming community. I mainly focus on writing League of Legends news, feature stories and events but also contribute in other video gaming areas when needed.

I enjoy reading, writing and watching sports, specifically football and hockey. I am a driven, independent individual with strong critical thinking skills. I am not afraid to take creative risks and step outside of the box. I am technology-forward and thrive in creative environments where I can work with a team and bounce ideas off of others. I take pride in my work and strive to be the best at what I do while gracefully accepting criticism.